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WebCalendar w/Dashboard Bundle

WebCalendar v3

Dashboard v3
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WebCalendar v3
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Multiple Calendars

Easily combine multiple Calendars on your Today page with the ability to enable/disable them at any time. Spouse, School, Holidays, Favorite Team Schedules... whatever you like.

Integrated Separation

View Google Calendars along with the default Outlook Calendar. The Google Calendars are not imported into Outlook and remain fully accessible from the Web. Free your calendar from outlook.

Calendar Viewing

Tapping on a Calendar entry will launch Google and display the appointment online in a web browser for quick editing directly within the Calendar.


Local Data Cache

Web Calendar data is cached locally for when the device is disconnected from the Web. This makes the most recent data always available.

All Products are built for Windows Mobile Pocket PC (and Pocket PC Phone) devices (not compatible with SmartPhone)

SnoopSoft WebCalendar is completely dependent on other software providers who are still in beta testing with their own offerings (i.e. Google Calendar). As such, functionality may change and the end results can not be guaranteed. However, SnoopSoft finds great potential in this module and will work very hard to keep it functional with any changes made by Google to their Calendar interfaces. Also, as other public calendar interfaces are made available they will be added to this module at no charge as soon as we can get them working (i.e. Yahoo! Calendar; Microsoft Live Calendar).

Setup & Configuration

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